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The Magic of True Motivation

July 21 -2:00 pm - 5:30 pm

Sunday, July 21st, 2019, please come join us at 2 PM- 5:30 PM Pacific Time in Encino to
experience a grand personal breakthrough!
New: This is also available through live video streaming on Vimeo!
Watch live from anywhere in the world.
The Magic of True Motivation;
Living with Purpose, Freedom and Power

Your True Motivation is key to your manifestations, but it’s a secret few people know. You see, most people keep following the same-old formulas for success they were given by their parents, teachers, friends, and marketing experts.

If you have failed in manifesting, it’s not your fault. You were trained to do things the way the millionaire “experts” did. You were trained to believe the myths of hard work, driving yourself relentlessly to your goal with single-minded purpose. You believed that you had to be a Type A workaholic person or do things perfectly in order for them to work.

Have you felt that perhaps you didn’t have it in you to truly succeed? That you would crash, no matter how many times you tried or how hard you worked? Have you lost heart as well as physical stamina in the pursuit of your Dreams?


Don’t criticize yourself or push yourself to try harder next time! And don’t be a life dropout either!

Find out what DOES work for you! The secret to success in any area of your life requires your True Motivation. If you compromise it, you will always fall short.
In this enlightening seminar, Galexis will share what you really want, how you want to get it, and what stops you from finding success. You’ll learn how to;

* Dismantle the inner critic/naysayer and Slave Driver

* Come to peace with yourself and embrace your Truth

* Live in freedom, ease, and flow

* Align to the future you REALLY want and to your true Mission

* Find purpose, true ambition, and willingness to go for what you want

* Have enough energy to follow through to your Dreams

* Let go of the dreary parts of your life and embrace the exciting ones


Following an informative and uplifting discussion, Galexis will answer your questions on this topic. Finally, they will take you on a healing journey to find your True Motivation and begin manifesting in alignment with YOUR TRUTH!

We hope to see you here,

Ginger and Daniel

$29.00Buy Now

$29.00Buy Now


July 21
2:00 pm - 5:30 pm