Connecting with Galexis

There are basically two ways to connect with Galexis:

1. You connect through your imagination and working in your inner realms. If you wish to do this, please watch the short video by Galexis explaining the procedure.

2. You can request to have personal telephone consultation with Galexis. If that interests you, please read the information below and use the contact us page to request a private reading.

Information Regarding Your Private Consultations with Galexis

Consulting with Galexis over the phone.

All consultations with Galexis are over the phone. At the time of the reading please call the phone number mentioned in your confirmation. Use this number only for speaking with Galexis. You will be asked if you wish the consultation recorded on an mp3 sound file or CD. Galexis will set that up, and you will begin your consultation.

The first consultation with Galexis lasts for an hour and is $200. Subsequent sessions are half hours at $100 each

What Happens in your first Galexis private consultation hour.

When you start the consultation, Galexis will ask you for your birthday, month, year, and city of birth – also your birth time if you know it. They will tune in to your unique soul path with an aura scan, and then share something of what they see. Often, what they are seeing is what you want to talk about anyway!

After the scan, Galexis may mention your spiritual heritage, spirit guide/family of souls, life direction/purpose, and any soul requirements (i.e. altitude, climate, environment, etc.) for maximum emergence – whatever your guides want Galexis to tell you. Then they will look at what’s going on in your spiritual development and what’s ahead on your probable Life Track. This usually takes about 15 minutes of the consultation.

About your Questions and what you do in the Session

Then Galexis will ask you for your questions. Have a list of questions ready. Galexis does not initiate any topics. This is your time. Please do not ask questions that begin with “When will I..?” These questions dealing with “will” are not answerable, since in this Free Will Universe, it’s up to you to decide. However, Galexis can give you feedback on different options or possibilities you are considering that will help you make your decisions. If you want energy healings in your consultation, you must ask for it when you are asking your questions. Based on your questions, Galexis will do medical intuition and give spiritual healing advice by looking in your auric field at the specific topic of interest or body part.

If you want to know something about a spouse or family member, new co-worker, or potential love, bring his or her birth information (birthday, city) to the consultation (if you can find it out.) If you want to know about nutritional supplements, have them handy. If you want a reading on you and a crystal, have the crystal with you as well

In the course of the hour, Galexis may do some energy healing and remove psychic blocks, as per your questions. They will give you advice/answers for any issues, look at relationships and situations, and all the usual human stuff. Their focus however, will be for your maximum spiritual awakening and success, as well as physical life improvement. So expect to hear some of their messages, specifically applied to your situation, as how to get to greater freedom, power, love, and alignment with your Divine Plan.

As the consultation wraps up, Galexis will suggest how to connect with them and receive spiritual support, usually at bedtime. Galexis will close with the words, “wrapping you in love and light and see you later! Farewell.” After the word “farewell,” say goodbye, and just hang up the phone. The channel, Ginger, will not be coming back out of trance.

Scheduling Subsequent Consultations:.

If you want more consultations in the future, be sure and inform Daniel so that you receive the schedule for the month ahead. Contact Daniel at 818-855-1377 or write him at and he will put you on the rotational schedule. As soon as you have a reading, your name goes to the bottom of the appointment list. As others have readings after you, their name goes below you and your name gradually moves up to the top again, and then you will receive a new schedule. This may be every other month or third month.

When you receive a schedule, please e-mail or call Daniel at 818-855-1377 with your desired and preferred times. The more choices you give Daniel, the easier it becomes to find a time for you. You’ll want to respond fairly quickly, because the schedule usually gets sold out within a few days.

If we don’t hear from you in over a year you will be dropped from the list.

Recording. Your reading includes an mp3 recording that we will email you, or a CD that we will send you by snail mail. However, we cannot guarantee the quality or the delivery of the recording. (Recorders and channeled entities are not always compatible.) Usually, you’ll receive your sound file the next day from Daniel. You’ll need to listen to your mp3 recording within a couple of weeks or download it into your computer in order to save it long term.

You cannot get both the CD and the sound file. We recommend the mp3 sound file because CD’s can get lost more easily in the mail.

Information. We need to know every phone number you can possibly be reached at. Sometimes people forget about their appointment, so Daniel, Ginger, or even Galexis will call every number available to catch you at your time. If you fail to call, you will be charged for that session.

Payment Options. We accept Visa, MasterCard, check, and PayPal (for Discover, AMEX and e-check.) After you respond to the schedule and Daniel assigns you a time, he will send you a confirmation. He must receive the payment at least 48 hours before your appointment time. If we don’t get your payment in time we may cancel your reading.

Cancellation Policy. In case you need to cancel or reschedule your reading, you may do so at anytime that is more than 48 hours before your appointment without incurring any charges. If you cancel within that 48 hour period and we cannot find a replacement for you, we will charge you.

Well that’s all the details. We hope that you will enjoy your time with Galexis.