Galexis Video Blog

AUDIO Blog September 2020

Connection to Spiritual Love and Healing, Connecting to Galexis

Galexis shares the essential path to receiving love and support from your guides and offers you a short meditation to connect directly with Galexis. Receive love and healing from Galexis today and every day. Open up your reception to spiritual gifts and happiness.

Video Blog August 2020

Your Yearly Upgrade Time

Galexis details the three things you can do to make a spiritual leap as well as manifest a greater and happier life during the Sirius days.

Video Blog July 2020

Planting The Seeds of Harmony and Peace

Galexis shares how to envision Oneness beyond political conflict and chaos as you craft a Dream of the New World for yourself and all humanity.

Video Blog June 2020

Your Spiritual Antibodies

Galexis shares how you can resist/heal the Coronavirus’ message and purpose while lifting yourself and healing you and your world. A Heart-Love Protection Activation technique takes you through the steps of encountering the virus energetically, and then experiencing a new level of spiritual, emotional, and physical immune power.

Video Blog May 2020

How to Get Peace

Galexis explains how to reach inner peace from one’s mind talk while releasing the twisted power of the Inner Slave Driver.

AUDIO Blog April 2020

Galexis speaks on the Virus, the Economy and the Opportunity You Have

Video Blog March 2020

Initiating, Activating, and Energizing Your Next Level

Galexis reminds you of the pieces of your manifest destiny. Remembering these truths of yourself works at a high magical level on the equinoxes and solstices, as well as new and full moons. This is an overview of your spiritual path to periodically orient to.

Video Blog February 2020

Real love, true love

Galexis explores the path people make through the muck and mire of cultural distortions, then shares how to create a real enduring love relationship.

Video Blog January 2020

2020 and Beyond

Listen to this time sensitive information for January 2020 as soon as you can!
Galexis describes the themes and foundation of energy vibrations for 2020, and how to use them to manifest the reality you want.
Between January 10th and 15th, there is a special power window of opportunity that Galexis will share with you.
Let Galexis help you make this your best year ever, best decade ever, and lightest and brightest future too!

Video Blog December 2019

20 Questions from Your Soul
Here are the deep questions that you as a spiritual being will want to ponder periodically so that your spiritual life and personal evolutionary progress is sublime, smooth, and empowering your Purpose and Destiny.

Video Blog November 2019

How do you learn? In this humorous and inspiring blog, Galexis details the hard way most of us learned, with struggles, challenges, and crises of change. Then Galexis shares the easier, elegant way of the conscious spiritual person, a magician, on his or her Path.

Video Blog October 2019

Here’s how to remain the powerful reality creator you are in the midst of all the chaos, disturbances, and crazy politics.

Video Blog September 2019

What happens when you take a big consciousness leap?

Video Blog August 2019

Galexis talks about the dog days of summer and what to do to best profit from this period.

Video Blog July 2019

Here’s how to get feedback from your reality so that you can know yourself, grow in consciousness consciously, face your “Test”, and make the correct choice for your Future.

Video Blog June 2019

In this time of chaos, Galexis updates you on the Great Shift that has happened, why you’re here on the planet right now, and speaks on creating a new template for the New World. Be inspired. Your time has come!