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April 2024

The Powerful April Portal, an Imminent Leap of Consciousness

Galexis has spoken of this Leap Year as a Spiritual Leap Year, when we can jump to a new octave of spiritual and personal potential.
Galexis shares how to prepare to experience the awesome power and upgrading potential of the portals of April, opening with the total Solar Eclipse.
They also detail the pieces of the process that started back in November, including the contexts and functions that can enable you to be more fully ready to receive the downloads and blessings coming!
Listen as soon as you can! Get ready for Your Consciousness Leap this Spiritual Leap Year!

Text Blog June/July 2023

Cresting to a New Place

Where you’ve come from, where you are now, and where you’re going.
While this report targets June-July 2023 energies, the processes explained herein work for any great change or consciousness upgrade.

Video Blog March 2023

Receiving Love

Open up your channels to receiving from the Divine. Galexis takes you through a visualization on how to amplify love, healing, and magic in your life..

Text Blog January – February

Galexis looks at 2023

This first Galexis Blog of 2023, January-February is a compilation by Ginger (the Galexis channel) of the overarching and general information about this year, plus advice on how to make the best use of its energies and possibilities.

The 2023 energies information was overheard in Galexis private sessions and also from Galexis’ conversations with Daniel.

A professional astrologer decades ago, she accurately predicted some of the energies of this year. Here are the links:

If you wish to read Ginger’s take on Pluto in Aquarius, read it here:

AUDIO Blog December 2022

Galexis Interview on Paradigm Shifters

Veronica Entwistle is an intuitive and energy counselor who hosts the weekly talk show Paradigm Shifters. This week, she has Galexis on as a guest. After a discussion with Ginger, the channel, Veronica then asks Galexis questions about what’s going on in the world, the coming changes, and how best to prepare for them. Enjoy an insightful and fun hour as Veronica, Ginger, and Galexis explore the current amazing evolution of consciousness.

For more about Veronica, see her website at She has very interesting guests, so you may want to subscribe to her newsletter.

Text Blog November 2022

Major Changes and You

Ginger shares some perspectives and views from Galexis readings on what’s going on in our lives and the world and how you can change your future track most elegantly. This is very timely, since 2023 is going to be even more intense as a year than this one!

AUDIO Blog October 2022

Future Crafting from the In-Between

To prepare us for the opportunity to dream, envision, and then create a New World out of the chaos and breakdown of the old, we must work our magic from the In-Between. Galexis describes how to get there, stay there, and find the bridge to the New World. Also included is a visualization-meditation we can use to help Dream the World Awake.

Video Blog September 2022

Raising Your Vibration

Conscious Awareness is the Key! Galexis shares 10 ways to lift your resonance, the benefits more conscious awareness gives you, and how this is the key to your Spiritual Path and Divine Homecoming.

Video Blog August 2022

Walk the Good Talk

Galexis describes the seven most common self-limiting thought patterns (Mind Talk) that trap you in small realities and situations, plus tips on how to shift to Good Talk that brings a happier present and better future.

Video Blog July 2022

The Pause, the Paths, and the Future

Galexis speaks to those of us in this “pause” timing, where we evaluate our dreams and plans and prepare to activate a future for ourselves and also for our world. Our options and considerations for making a difference “out there” are often seen as “either-or” but there is a third path that Galexis encourages us to walk. They suggest we step forth as adventurers and visionaries, expand our self image to this new level, and allow for greater awakenings during the upcoming Sirius days.

Video Blog June 2022

Fun and Play; You Deserve a Break!

Galexis shares the amazing benefits of fun and play and suggests ways for even the most stuck adult to begin to have fun and play.

Video Blog May 2022

Your Powerful and Personal Point of Reference

The foundational key to your spiritual path is about you knowing you. In this sharing from Galexis, you gain the overview on how to hold your own unique resonance and see reality in a happier way. This ensures that you will be able to experience the love, freedom, and empowerment that is your birthright as a spiritual being.

Video Blog April 2022

How to Stay Upbeat No Matter What

Galexis shares 7 keys you can use when you are experiencing a downturn of energy or feeling heavy from a difficult crisis – in your life or out in the world. It takes just minutes once you get the hang of it and can shift you from a low to a higher frequency state of being. This calls to you and your world positive futures, flow, and life magic. Keep it up to sustain a pleasant mood and happy reality.

Video Blog March 2022

Releasing Obstacles to Your Beautiful Future

Galexis describes how we respond to stress, take sides, judge, and fall for our negative egos and thus block ourselves from releasing the debris of the past and dreaming our future. Next, Galexis gives 7 steps we can take to fly free of our duality and division consciousness. Then we reach that magical place from which we can dream our Beautiful Future for ourselves and for the world. Now is the time, the time of spring, of the Equinox!
George Monbiot’s 16 Principles of a New Society

AUDIO Blog February 2022

The Future Portal Opens; Align your Reality and Destiny to your Light Track

Galexis shares how to take the opportunity of the Portal to bridge from the world’s conflict and negativity to the joyous Light Future as you bring your whole reality along with you.

Video Blog July 2021


Belonging is a basic human need for survival and thriving. In this empowering, timeless discussion, Galexis shares what belonging is, how to discover your belonging potentials, and then how to heal your belonging by belonging to YOU.
Click on this link to get the document with the outline

Video Blog June 2021

Choice, Power, and Free Will

Your spiritual path includes Free Will, but you must be a free being to use it. Galexis shares how to free yourself to live the magical life the divine you deserves.

Video Blog May 2021

How to Handle Intense Energy Flows

Now at this step of your process, the Universal energies are speeding up. Instead of knee jerk reacting or resisting, you can use the flow and hop up to the next level of consciousness. Galexis gives tips on how to keep your spiritual evolution humming along elegantly as you journey towards your Dream Future.

Video Blog April 2021


Your probable future path is your track. Is your current track leading you to the happy future you want? How do you make sure you can get on and stay on a track to your Luminous Future?
In the April video blog, Galexis, gives you an easy and simple shortcut way to determine what uture track you’re on, how to get back on a more positive track if you’ve fallen off, and a fun way to maintain a high resonance that keeps you in the flow and on your positive future track.

AUDIO Blog March 2021

Your New Beginning, What to Do Now

Now that you’re through the portal, here are the steps you can take to make sense of the bewildering possibilities and potential realities of the future, so that you can personally get on track to your Luminous New World.

Video Blog February 2021

The Power of the Portal

In January, Galexis discussed this month’s portal opening. Now that you are here, Galexis prepares you for the portal experience. They then take you through the portal consciously to step into your Greater Self and your brighter Future. This technique can be used in any intentional growth process as well as with other upcoming portals or high resonance times (as shown by astrological and numerological alignments.)

Video Blog January 2021

The Portal of 2021 is Coming

There is a grand event coming during this February. Galexis shares tips on how to navigate through this portal of opportunity and metamorph into your New World Self.

Video Blog December 2020

Hold the Resonance

Galexis shares how to do this so that you can better navigate the rest of 2020 and through the coming “humps” of 2021.

Video Blog October 2020

Stand up for the Feminine

The Feminine Principle is rising in this great change of ages.
Galexis tells you how to envision and co-create the egalitarian and balanced future for yourself and your world as well as how to balance your inner masculine and feminine forces.

AUDIO Blog September 2020

Connection to Spiritual Love and Healing, Connecting to Galexis

Galexis shares the essential path to receiving love and support from your guides and offers you a short meditation to connect directly with Galexis. Receive love and healing from Galexis today and every day. Open up your reception to spiritual gifts and happiness.

Video Blog August 2020

Your Yearly Upgrade Time

Galexis details the three things you can do to make a spiritual leap as well as manifest a greater and happier life during the Sirius days.

Video Blog July 2020

Planting The Seeds of Harmony and Peace

Galexis shares how to envision Oneness beyond political conflict and chaos as you craft a Dream of the New World for yourself and all humanity.

Video Blog June 2020

Your Spiritual Antibodies

Galexis shares how you can resist/heal the Coronavirus’ message and purpose while lifting yourself and healing you and your world. A Heart-Love Protection Activation technique takes you through the steps of encountering the virus energetically, and then experiencing a new level of spiritual, emotional, and physical immune power.

Video Blog May 2020

How to Get Peace

Galexis explains how to reach inner peace from one’s mind talk while releasing the twisted power of the Inner Slave Driver.

AUDIO Blog April 2020

Galexis speaks on the Virus, the Economy and the Opportunity You Have

Video Blog March 2020

Initiating, Activating, and Energizing Your Next Level

Galexis reminds you of the pieces of your manifest destiny. Remembering these truths of yourself works at a high magical level on the equinoxes and solstices, as well as new and full moons. This is an overview of your spiritual path to periodically orient to.

Video Blog February 2020

Real love, true love

Galexis explores the path people make through the muck and mire of cultural distortions, then shares how to create a real enduring love relationship.

Video Blog January 2020

2020 and Beyond

Listen to this time sensitive information for January 2020 as soon as you can!
Galexis describes the themes and foundation of energy vibrations for 2020, and how to use them to manifest the reality you want.
Between January 10th and 15th, there is a special power window of opportunity that Galexis will share with you.
Let Galexis help you make this your best year ever, best decade ever, and lightest and brightest future too!

Video Blog December 2019

20 Questions from Your Soul
Here are the deep questions that you as a spiritual being will want to ponder periodically so that your spiritual life and personal evolutionary progress is sublime, smooth, and empowering your Purpose and Destiny.

Video Blog November 2019

How do you learn? In this humorous and inspiring blog, Galexis details the hard way most of us learned, with struggles, challenges, and crises of change. Then Galexis shares the easier, elegant way of the conscious spiritual person, a magician, on his or her Path.

Video Blog October 2019

Here’s how to remain the powerful reality creator you are in the midst of all the chaos, disturbances, and crazy politics.

Video Blog September 2019

What happens when you take a big consciousness leap?

Video Blog August 2019

Galexis talks about the dog days of summer and what to do to best profit from this period.

Video Blog July 2019

Here’s how to get feedback from your reality so that you can know yourself, grow in consciousness consciously, face your “Test”, and make the correct choice for your Future.

Video Blog June 2019

In this time of chaos, Galexis updates you on the Great Shift that has happened, why you’re here on the planet right now, and speaks on creating a new template for the New World. Be inspired. Your time has come!