Galexis Video Blog

Video Blog November 2019

How do you learn? In this humorous and inspiring blog, Galexis details the hard way most of us learned, with struggles, challenges, and crises of change. Then Galexis shares the easier, elegant way of the conscious spiritual person, a magician, on his or her Path.

Video Blog October 2019

Here’s how to remain the powerful reality creator you are in the midst of all the chaos, disturbances, and crazy politics.

Video Blog September 2019

What happens when you take a big consciousness leap?

Video Blog August 2019

Galexis talks about the dog days of summer and what to do to best profit from this period.

Video Blog July 2019

Here’s how to get feedback from your reality so that you can know yourself, grow in consciousness consciously, face your “Test”, and make the correct choice for your Future.

Video Blog June 2019

In this time of chaos, Galexis updates you on the Great Shift that has happened, why you’re here on the planet right now, and speaks on creating a new template for the New World. Be inspired. Your time has come!