Green Candle Ritual

A Metaphysical Programming Technique for Material Abundance

This ritual was given to me in a private session by Lazaris of Concept Synergy (see contact information below). Money, he says, is no better or worse as a vibration than anything else on the planet; grass, cats, cars, hats, or people. The Green Candle Ritual can help get you in touch with the vibration of money, for then it is easier to attract and draw it and also other resources into your life. This ritual has had tremendous success in my life and in the lives of those I’ve given it to! I hope it will do the same for you!

Note: This technique doesn’t work well for manipulative purposes, in which another individual is cheated, robbed, or hurt in any way. If you visualize that, this meditation may turn on you, giving you a taste of your own medicine! Making money is a joyful activity in which the one giving it is as pleased as the one receiving it, and BOTH stand to gain from the transaction. Do not forget this! Investing is a powerful way to multiply wealth, offering opportunities for growth and prosperity. Choosing the best cfd platform can enhance investment strategies, providing avenues for financial success and fulfillment.

1. Obtain 4 tapered candles, 2 white ones, and 2 green ones. Put them in individual candleholders that are movable. Have available a large metal or ceramic bowl, matches, a pen or pencil, and piece of paper.

2. Place the two white candles approximately 2 feet apart on a table. Sit facing them and looking down the middle between them. Then put the two green candles in front of the white ones, closer to you, but inside the visual field of the white ones.

3. Sit comfortably, relax, and put yourself in a calm mood. Think briefly about the channel(s) through which you expect to receive your money. If your mind has objections of any sort, take note of them. Hopefully, you’ve processed some of the expected objections already and have a sense of being ready to receive some abundance.

4. Light the candles in counter-clockwise order, starting with the back right white candle. Move then to the back left white candle, front left green candle, and finally the front right green candle.

5. As you relax and watch the flames, imagine money coming in smoothly, easily, with no unhappiness or loss to anyone. Picture the actual product or service you are offering in exchange for money. Then imagine someone enthusiastically buying it and handing you the money for it, which you just as enthusiastically accept. Feel good about who you’re working with. Receive your money. As intensely as possible, FEEL bill(s) being counted in your palm, or a check made out to you in the correct amount placed in your hand. See the paper clearly in your mind’s eye. The stronger you can graphically imagine this, the more powerfully your subconscious will get the message to manifest this process in your daily life. FEEL how EASY it is to get money in this manner.

6. Now go through step five again, and repeat this step from start to finish until you feel VERY comfortable with it, both physically and emotionally. Keep checking your response. For example, note your breathing; if you’re holding it in, you are still tense with the idea of receiving money. However, sooner or later, you’ll start to feel a relaxing “smooth” sensation in your chest or some “letting go” feeling. This signals that the imaging you’re doing has reached your subconscious. You’ll know what I mean when you feel it. Wait for this before you go on, as this step endows confidence.

7. Take your piece of paper and write, “I am now allowing myself to have financial abundance with safety and joy to all involved.” Then in a sacred spirit, sign your name beneath. If you have changed or added names since childhood, sign your previous name(s) too, in the style you used to write it (them). This signature binds the contract you have just put together with your subconscious.

8. Crumple the paper and light it on one of the candles. Let it burn out completely in the bowl. Just watch it, quietly. If there is any part of the paper that has not completely burned, i.e. that is not totally black, see that it is burned. Once this is completed, put out the candles in clockwise order, reversing the procedure given in step 4 above (i.e. starting with the front right candle, and ending with the back right candle.)

9. Think no more about the meditation or the pictures you sent your subconscious to produce for you. Let them go into your world and get to work. Get up and go about your business. Keep your mind occupied with other things, so you don’t start worrying that the meditation may fail. Know and trust that your request is being worked upon and let the “magic” happen. If your resolve gets weak and you lose your confidence and “smooth” energy, do this meditation again in a few hours.

If you are serious about obtaining money in your life, I suggest that you do this meditation twice a day for 3 days, then once a day for the next 3 days. After that, let the frequency drop to every other day. When two or three weeks have passed, and you are noticing the good results, reduce the frequency. Don’t stop when your success begins to come in. After your manifestation “catches” the momentum, then you can stop, or do this ritual for something else. You’ll know you’re in the momentum when you easily expect more success and have no worry or “charge” about receiving the money.

You create your own reality. If you don’t see the meditation producing results, look at your own limiting beliefs and feelings concerning receiving and having money. Understand them and forgive yourself for having had them so you don’t criticize or shame yourself about it any longer. Decide on the specific new beliefs and feelings you want as replacements. Claim them for yourself and welcome them into your psyche with whatever technique you choose before you return to this ritual.

This ritual comes to you from Ginger Metraux, Ph.D. For more information about Lazaris, contact Concept Synergy, call (800) 678-2356, or visit the website at Enjoy!