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Giving and Receiving: The Flow of Life

Length: Approximately 2 hours.

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Galexis details the energy exchanges of giving and receiving in such a way that you can clear any taint, resistance, or obstacle that stands in the way of your Flow of Abundance. Then, in the meditation, you initiate your energy flow of giving and receiving, step into your spiritual love nature, and open your heart to accept the love and support your reality has for you.

Q.1. How can I improve the good flow I’m already in? A.1. You need to stay aware of giving and receiving and know when it’s truly giving/receiving or an exchange. Add more compassion for others so that the flow is more loving.

Q.2. Why do I feel that my career and relationship dreams are soon to be fulfilled? A.2. On the planet right now is a closure of the old and a fresh new reality emerging, the Light Chaos. Plus, there is movement in your energy towards that. Be sure to do something physical in the directions of your dreams every day.

Q.3. I am not motivated to exercise. A.3. Your body wants movement, but most exercising is boring. Vary your exercise routines every time. Get out of being too internal in your thoughts all the time. Move your body in new ways and see this as loving and caring for your body.

Q.4 Why is it scary for the Ego to be in the Now? A.4. The ego is involved in being “better than” others and comparing to others in the past and musing about this in the future. In the “what is” of the moment, it has no context or emotion to use so that it can take over. In the Now, you also have a greater opportunity to love yourself, let go of burdens, concerns and resistances, and receive. The ego always has conditions on receiving and is often angry about giving, so in the Now, you can actually receive and be.

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