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Healing and Ending Fatigue

Length: Approximately 2 hours.

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“Healing and Ending Fatigue”

Galexis shares how fatigue comes from the eternal postponement of the self’s passion and true motivation in favor of achievement, expiation of guilt or unworthiness, anxiety about lack of resources, and desire to be accepted by others. The youthful strong hormonal system can sustain this diminishment for a while but in older years, the resistance, reaction, escape, struggling, and/or fighting lead to allergies, sickness, and greater suffering. Listen to fatigue as a gentle message to be true to yourself and juice yourself up with your own love and passion. Galexis takes you through a healing meditation where you lift out your burdens, your stresses, and more, forgiving your old self, healing your hormones, and stepping into a wonderfully, energetic, beautiful life expressing the unique being you are. Use this meditation to revive your hormones (including your immune system), “youthen” yourself, and awaken dormant passion.

There were no questions this session. The topic was fleshed out deeply and the meditation just as complete and profound. Just as you thought these Galexis events couldn’t get better, there comes this one!

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