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Living According to Your Temperament

Length: Approximately 2 hours.

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The ancient Greeks divided people’s temperament up into four Humours; sanguine, choleric, melancholic, and phlegmatic. Galexis discusses these, elements, dynamics, energy flow, and lifestyle to give you an indication of how to appreciate your own temperament, understand your particular blend of humours, and live according to your unique essence. The ending meditation is simply a glorious juice up that you could do over and over to resonate at the Spiritual Giant’s level all the time!

There were many questions, and Galexis answered them with beautiful, dead-ringer, touching, and inspiring answers.

Q.1. When I move forward in success, my self-loathing returns, and I turn to alcohol and cigarettes to cope and snap back. A.1. Galexis explains how to consciously break this pattern and end addictive behaviors.

Q.2. I’m bored in my unfulfilling job, while the rest of my life is great. What to do? A.2. Galexis suggests learning to trust that the future will work for her, reduce fear of loss, and proactively change jobs to something that works better for her temperament before she loses this one (which is imminent).

Q.3. How does intuition work in my temperament? I bought a new car and had all sorts of troubles with it. Why didn’t I know this earlier? A.3. Galexis explains that intuition is available in all temperaments, but that when one gives power away, intuition is lost. Remember to expand your self-image as successful and retain power. Other helpful details on timing and understanding are included in this insightful answer.

Q.4. An individual ask for a confirmation of her temperament. A.4. Galexis suggests some things to do to enhance her enjoyment of her own temperament and use it well.

Q.5. How to handle the extreme energy bursts and crashes of sanguine. A.5. Galexis talks about the vital power of the Pause, and reducing fear of loss of momentum/scarcity consciousness so that full creative flow can be utilized, realities manifested, and health maintained.

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