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Past Lives, Future Lives

Length: Approximately 2 hours

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“Past Lives, Future Lives”

There is only one time and that is now. However, we have all these “experiences” in the past of this life, and in our past and future lives that make up a vast storehouse of memories we can tap for our reality creation. Rather than just selectively seek out past lifetimes to process, release and heal our greater life issues, why not tap into a wonderful past life? And while we’re at it, a wonderful future life too – a life on this planet where nature is clean, people live in harmony, and your future life self is happy! By “remembering” these feelings and states, we can shift our reality right now to line up between a bright and positive past and future, bringing us happiness right now. Galexis plays with these time frames delightfully in the meditation, taking you out of linear time. You will feel a giant, positive inner shift if you are willing! This could be BIG for your future!

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