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Calling in Love, Relationships and Magic

Length: Approx. 2½ hours

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The greatest joys of life come with great relationships. However, you cannot attract great potential relationships into your life if they are beyond your scope, or if having a wonderful relationship is too big of a deal. That extra weight of significance or “charge” effectively reduces your vibration to a level too low to manifest anything but old habitual and limiting patterns of the past.

Let Galexis show you how to raise your frequency, rethink relationships positively, and thus create and attract great relationships to you. Initiate and activate the magic of the divine flow that is natural to you as the Light Being you are. This inspirational evening is culminated in a wondrous meditation in which you call a great relationship to you, whether personal, business or friendship, and open the doors to your “Relationship Room” to receive it.

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