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The Secrets of Energy

Length: Approx. 3 hours

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Giving and receiving, healing, and spiritual expansion are all part of the flow of divine energy. With challenges, the flow is blocked or slowed down. Why and how have you resisted energy flow? Where are those remaining issues in your life? Let Galexis explain how you can end the resistance and release blockages, freeing up your energy to flow. Then you lift yourself to a life beyond the issues – a life with the success, love and happiness you desire.

With an interesting, different perspective on energy, Galexis gives a simple but powerful “crash course” on how to do energy healing – removing energy blocks, and restoring a balanced flow of love energy for yourself and others. After answering questions, they then lead you in a wonderfully grounding, healing, freeing, and expansive experience of divine energy flow. This workshop is a “must have” for every light worker and spiritual seeker.

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