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Great changes are happening on the planet. With a disintegrating old reality overlapping a new one seeping in, the whole world is moving through chaos, darkness and disorientation. Those who find their way through this chaos will emerge triumphant. They will inspire others to emerge and shift realities too, creating a New World. Are you ready and willing to emerge?

In this amazing and magical workshop, Galexis briefly outlines the Emergence process and then takes you through the four stages of Emergence. The meditations and processes help lift you out of the old, and enable you to successfully surf the waves of uncertainty and emerge. Then, you with others forming a new network of light, will step into your Global Mission to be light bringers – new reality bringers – for your planet.

This workshop is literally life changing. You will experience new visions, magical opportunities, and miraculous experiences

following your Emergence process.

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