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Expanding Self Image and Conscious Awareness

Length: Approximately 2 hours

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“Expanding Self-Image and Conscious Awareness”

Galexis shares the secret on how to handle success and keep it going – image expansion. Galexis details the difference between self image, identity and ego facade, and explains how you see your reality only on the level that you can accept yourself. So if you want a great reality, you want to acknowledge the greatness of you, your divine self, or who you REALLY are. All the questions were on this topic, making this Love and Healing event an in-depth workshop that, as Galexis says, should have been a whole day seminar! The meditation expands your image lovingly, Galexis works on your brain, and then you work with the limited self that stands in your way along with the (adapted) Lazaris cube technique, enabling you to expand your image any time and any place, as your reality will show you that it’s time to do. Another stunningly empowering and uplifting seminar! Words cannot describe the power you will feel at the end!

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