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Healing the Destructive Ego

Becoming Your Authentic Self

Length: 3 hours 30 minutes

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Galexis takes you on a journey to know more who you are, to express your truths safely and with love, and to allow yourself to receive the bounty of Divine gifts and miracles available to you from a friendly reality.

On the way, you release your greatest spiritual obstacle to self-realization and to your Destiny of Divine Union.

You’ll hear the amazing “SPEECH of TRUTH” (included with the download) that reveals and infuses you with your Divine Knowledge. Then you receive love from your world as your authentic self and from your Spiritual Team with an experience of Oneness. Now you are ready to live your authentic, rich life, receiving the magic, miracles, and divine Gifts available to you.

“Thank you to Galexis, Ginger, and you for a really great seminar!” M.S.

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