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Working with Your Unseen Friends/Guides/Spirit Crew

Length: Approximately 2 hours.

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In this illuminating event Galexis reveals all the types of spirit helpers who are members of your Crew or Team, assisting you in your physical plane journey. You have many of them with you at all times. In meditation, Galexis takes you on a trip to connect with them and to receive the incredible love they have for you.

Galexis addressed questions on why different channels bring forth such conflicting information about the future, issues that block receiving and how to open up to beautiful things, being able to bring in and manage a huge project and its potential success without overwhelm or burnout, what spirit helpers can be trusted, building safety and trust, and working with a personal crystal. Galexis attunes you to the new template light grid, although it is installed IN you during the workshop immediately following this evening, the “Personal Evolution Seminar.”

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