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Ask Galexis

Q & A with Galexis

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Are you looking for a new direction in your life? A new purpose, a new vision?
Do you want more joy and happiness, and a more prosperous and peaceful world?
If so, you’re right on track for this year 2021, what Galexis calls an “envisioning year.”

A couple of months ago, Galexis suggested doing a seminar on envisioning the future, but said not quite yet. Well, now it’s time. So it’s no wonder that the theme that emerged during this session is about how to generate a luminous, positive future. This Q&A session is actually like a seminar to activate your dreamer self. You’ll want these valuable tips and perspectives to help you not only deal with the world chaos going on, but also your capacity to” bring the world along with you” into a better place for all.

Utilize the amazing opportunity that this year presents – a new era in your personal life and a new dream emerging from the turbulence and conflicts of the world!

The questions led Galexis to detail about how to receive guidance for the next stage of your journey, to dream your future ,and to align your frequency with it – a state of joy and happiness. And how to distinguish your adult dreams from adolescent or child dreams, so that they can be realized. But they also addressed mundane issues, such as money and finances, politics, and the shift to clean energy sources.

The highlight of this session/seminar is a meditation where Galexis takes you on a sweet journey to begin tapping into your own personal luminous
future. You’ll want to use this meditative journey more than once, because it will get you on track to your positive Dream Future!

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