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Breaking the Ties that Bind You
Breaking Contracts, Oaths and Vows

Length: Approx. 3½ hours

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Vows, oaths, promises, and all kinds of commitments you made in this life and in others can be binding you. If you are on a spiritual journey, it is likely that you once were a monk or nun. Then you made oaths before God as your witness to embrace poverty, renunciation of yourself, and the surrender of your visions and dreams. You must break and heal these ties so that you can claim the divine Self you are, and choose a reality more reflective of your level of spiritual growth.

Galexis takes you on an exploration of these ties so that you can find those you need to release. The question and answer section is revealing, clarifying and may be emotional for you. The workshop ends with a powerful ceremony, where before God, you revoke the vows and promises that no longer serve you. And you choose a reality you prefer. This is extraordinarily simple, powerful, and freeing!

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Breaking Contracts, Oaths and Vows”