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Physical Plane Mastery

Length: Approx. 11 hours

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Galexis shares the mysteries of the relationship you have with you physical body and how you can create a healthy and fulfilling partnership with it. Your body desires to work with you and for you, so that you can create and play in the illusion here on planet Earth. Learn what the body really needs so that it will support you in your Personal and Spiritual Mission. Galexis offers you a beautiful meditation to heal the rifts between the two of you and to release the embedded issues and pain your body has had to carry for so long. Let healing and pleasure happen!

Galexis takes you on a journey to establish a positive momentum in your life so that you can manifest realities with passion, elegance and fun. First, you learn about the nature of time and how to work with it as your ally. Then you discover how to release time issues and obstacles as you generate your unique flow. Finally, you clear your path to a fulfilling Future and jump dimensional time/space into the celebration of your success. Expect a more satisfying, physically engaged, and spiritually joyous life once you have danced with these energies of healing, manifesting and celebrating!

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