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The Magical Life of the Empowered Adult

Length: Approx. 5½ hours

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There comes a time when the inner child, adolescent and young adult are fulfilled and their partners, the internal parent, social ego and inner slave-driver stop their abuse. In the silence that ensues, without the voices of the past, you can imagine a new life and dream a new you into being. This new you is the empowered adult, one who lives in love, freedom, and ownership of his or her reality creatorship – and celebrates life in a supportive and safe world.

When you can step into and claim that true adult self, your life becomes magical and miracles abound. Come let Galexis take you into the exalted state of being the adult. Then, let them show you how to apply this grand level of being through the actions of your mundane life. This workshop is pivotal to your successes and to your personal and global missions – a must!

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