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Healing and Managing Your Emotions

Using both Negative and Positive Feelings to Create Freedom and Love

Length: 3 Hours 30 minutes

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In this ever-timely seminar, Galexis covers all the ups and downs of emotions, how to process them, and how to be free of them and with them. Galexis details how emotional healing is vital to your Spiritual Path, so that healing your emotions vastly accelerates your consciousness and positive manifestations. This seminar offers a practical approach to your daily life’s emotional experiences, with workable strategies to heal and free you at work, at home, with friends, and even when feeling stressed by political leaders!

The questions bring up a treasure trove of emotional wisdom from Galexis you’ll want to know, and their wondrous closing meditation takes you through emotional healing, freeing you. Finally, Galexis joins you and supports you in expanding your Divine Unconditional Love capacity, which allows you to become the great shining, loving, and compassionate Spiritual Giant you are.

It was my favorite one so far. I loved Galexis talking about sisters. Thank you very much! M.M

The event was filled with gems to take away and apply to my own life, especially in regards to healing anger and fear, and how to heal the hurt. It was easy for me to visualize and participate in the meditation, and afterward, I felt more empowered and able to handle anger, fear, and hurt when these come up again. C.D.

Great seminar and powerful meditation. I feel changed today. C.K.

I am so grateful for the workshop yesterday. IT was wonderful to be able to do it live. I loved it. I feel it went to a deeper place than when I re-listen to a workshop. I feel that this whole workshop was a gift to ME. J.B.

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