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Healing Your Relationship with Your Ego

Length: Aprox, 4 hours

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The ego is a much-maligned part of every human being. No doubt, you have been urged to ignore or destroy it in order to be spiritual. But the ego is necessary to function in the physical plane. In fact, a healthy, mature ego is a natural part of you, and is vital to become an empowered, successful and spiritual being. When your ego is toxic and immature, it can be your worst enemy and sabotage every happiness and health. When it’s your ally, together you can manifest the most wonderfully joyful life imaginable! So instead of rejecting your ego, learn to work with it as your friend.

Galexis discusses the ego in depth, enabling you to unravel your distorted relationship with your ego. Then Galexis details how to heal its dangerous toxicity, engender an alliance, and then work together to manifest the life you’ve always wanted. The marvelous concluding meditation offers you the opportunity to change this critical inner relationship and shift into a more glorious future.

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