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Youthing, Aging Reversal, Healing and Longevity

Length: Approx. 12 hours

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How would you live your life differently if you expected a lifespan of 300 years rather than hoping to make it to 90? What if you could look and feel younger than you do now for decades to come? Can you imagine a life free of the suffering through fragility and terminal illnesses before finally dying in a hospital connected to tubes?

In this two-day workshop, Galexis gives you techniques for youthing, healing body health issues, and indefinitely extending a happy and fulfilling life. You learn the principles and applications of longevity. In the amazing question and answer sections, Galexis gives additional profound and practical insights on how you can integrate this wisdom into your daily life. Then they take you through a series of meditative experiences that transform you.

You will break out of your limiting belief box of aging. Are you ready for “youthing,” and a very long glorious life?

The workshop includes 3 energy/information/programming downloads. You listen to two of them before you listen to the workshop and one a few days afterwards.

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